We primarily provide advice regarding Swedish business law. It may concern drafting of agreements and other documentation, review of documents and facts, analyses, and acting as your counsel vis à vis counterparties, authorities and courts.

Our business law assignments may concern the following matters among others:

Capital markets

  • Corporate governance
  • Fund raising on capital markets
  • Initial public offerings
  • Public takeovers

Collateral and property law

  • Commission, consignment etc.
  • Guarantees
  • Pledges
  • Property remaining with the seller
  • Sale and lease back

Commercial properties

  • Property transfers
  • Management agreements
  • Usufructs

Companies (and other associations)

  • Bankruptcy
  • Board matters
  • Convertibles
  • Corporate accountability
  • Dividends
  • Formations
  • General meetings
  • Liquidations
  • Prohibited loans
  • Rights issues
  • Value transfers


  • Incentive programs
  • License agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Publishing agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Transfer agreements


  • Arbitration
  • Proceedings in Swedish courts – general and administrative courts
  • Mediation


  • Bonds
  • Credit facilities
  • Syndications
  • Term loans


  • Bankruptcy
  • Company reorganization (statutory)
  • Defaults
  • Demands for payment
  • Realization of pledged assets
  • Restructuring
  • Voluntary realization of assets

Labour law

  • CEO employments
  • Employment agreements
  • Employment Protection Act-negotiations

Placements, guarantees, swaps

  • Bonds
  • Currency and interest swaps
  • Derivatives
  • Private and public placements

Public procurement

  • Court proceedings
  • Tenders


  • Dividends
  • Group taxation
  • Personal liability
  • Specific taxes
  • Stamp duty
  • Tax evasion
  • Tax litigations
  • Withholding tax

Transfers of property

  • Claims and loans
  • Companies and businesses (in whole or parts)
  • Intellectual property and other rights
  • Other asset types

Please call if you would like to discuss which advice you may need, in these or other matters.


Foreign law and international relations

If your matter concerns foreign law and international relations, the matter can be handled in cooperation with qualified foreign lawyers.